Sodium Pyrophosphate

The principal food uses for sodium pyrophosphate are as an emulsifier, buffer, nutrient, dietary supplement, sequestrant, and texturizer in bread and cereal products.

Sodium pyrophosphate is a popular leavening agent found in baking powders. In baking powder, it is often labeled as food additive E450.

Sodium Pyrophosphate is an odorless, white powder or granular solid. It is used in household and industrial cleaning compounds, as a water softener, metal cleaner and food additive, and for oil well drilling.

About the safety of this material in food, most of them have long names that sound intimidating. It’s disturbing to think that you’re eating chemicals with your food, and not just the food itself — but these chemicals aren’t all dangerous. Eaten in modest amounts, chemicals like sodium acid pyrophosphate are safe.