The essence is defined as a substance or food product that changes or alters another substance flavor. Essence alters the characteristics of the solute and changes it to become sweet, sour or tangy. Food-based essences are also used as cationic creams and lotions

It is used in baked goods, beverages, custards and even some savory foods like sauces or vanilla scrambled eggs

Flavouring Essence: Vanilla, Banana, Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Rose, Coffee, Chocolate, Raspberry, Almond, Saffron, Pistachio, Clove, Nutmeg, Coconut, Cardamom, Cinnamon,  Lemon, Tomato, Etc

:Multiple Ways to Use Flavour Extracts and Essences

Various icings




Special flavours developed for the sweet and bakery sector are tested for their suitability on selected applications, sensorially described and evaluated before being included in our standard portfolio. Certain confectionery products require special development, as a great variety of requirements have to be fulfilled. For example a flavour for chewing gum has different properties to a flavour for fruit gums. For bakery products, certain encapsulation systems can be advantageous